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10 Excellent Qualities of Edge Park Preschool

1. Qualified, loving, dedicated, adaptable, & creative teachers!

2. Licensed by Texas Department of Health & Human Services.

3. Safe, nurturing environment - it is ok to make mistakes.  We build confidence!

4. Challenging, developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children.  Children are engaged & interested - learning mixed with social interactions & active play.

5. Social opportunities - play is an important part of learning!  No electronics in our       classrooms - communication is key!

6. Our preschool helps develop necessary pre-reading and pre-writing skills needed to     

begin Kindergarten.

7.  Small class size with one-on-one attention.

8. The family is valued - we offer several opportunities for fellowship with our families.

9. Christian values exemplified.

10. We make learning fun!

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